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Man mistakes delivery boy for a lover

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In Prague on Thursday, a delivery boy’s ordinary workday was interrupted by a man with a machete charging at him. Luckily, the delivery boy decided to run while the man chased him through the garden, and also call the police in the process. When the police arrived and diffused the situation, a bizarre story started to reveal itself. It was so bizarre that the police decided to release the bodycam footage from one of the officers to the public. After the machete-chase ended, the delivery boy naturally had no clue why he was attacked. The man with the machete, visibly struggling to get the words out of his mouth, explained that he is sure that the delivery boy is his wives lover. While that was already clearly far from the truth, the delivery boy added to the irony of the situation by showing the police the name of the person who ordered the delivery. That name matched the name of the machete man. That means that this man was so intoxicated, that he ordered a courier, and just minutes later when the courier arrived, he proceeded to chase him with a machete. How intoxicated do you have to be for that? In this case, the field alcohol test of the police showed that the machete man had 3.16 per mille of alcohol in his blood. That is a lot for a Thursday afternoon by anyone’s standards. His antics could also earn him up to 3 years in prison.

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