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Ongoing investigation of dead fish

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In the fall of last year, an ecological tragedy struck the river Bečva, as local citizens started finding hundreds of dead fish in the river. This caused a lot of chaos in nearby villages, as people were forbidden to swim in the river or let their dogs near it. The mass death of these creatures was initially explained as a result of a cyanide leak into the water from an unknow source. However, cyanide is not so common, so many were asking questions about how does such a dangerous substance gets into the hands of someone irresponsible enough to pour it into a river full of life. At least full of life back then. Now, the Czech Parliament Commission of Inquiry tasked with investigating this disaster officially voiced its doubts about the aforementioned cause of the tragedy. Not because they found evidence suggesting otherwise, but because none of them, nor any of the guests they invited to their hearings, have seen the results of reports done on the makeup of the water in the river. The whole investigation has been riddled with misinformation and bad management, and this is just another example of this. While this tragedy needs to be solved, the commission gives equal importance to coming up with an effective plan to deal with future similar tragedies much faster and more effectively.

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