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Less meat in state-run cafeterias

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While Czech cafeterias manage to feed much of the country’s children and government workers on every workday, they are in dire need of a reform. However, this reform is a bit of a political taboo, as coming up with an effective one takes balancing the scales of ingredient, equipment and personnel costs with the quality of food that we give to our children and essential workers. Now, a union of four animal rights organization proposed a potential upgrade to school and office lunches – more vegetarian lunches. The four organizations, Compassion in World Farming, Nesehnutí, Obránci zvířat and Svoboda zvířat, presented twelve ideas, that they suggest politicians should include in their election plans to attract voters who are against animal suffering. The most discussed point they brought up is that Czech  children eat too much meat, and there should be more fruits and vegetables in their diet. Currently, cafeterias mostly cook traditionally Czech cuisine, that is not very greens-heavy. Czech children know and love these foods from home, so cafeterias have more of a chance of actually feeding the children. On the other hand, cooking such foods does not help certain children overcome angst of eating fruits and vegetables, which in turn enforces future bad eating habits.

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