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Drinking is not forbidden

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The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic itself had to step in after the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic identified a strange example of law making in one of Czechia’s many local governments. Even though the Czech Republic has a Senate and a Parliament which makes the majority of its laws, the local governments of cities and even villages have some legislative power too. This is allowed, so that local people can make minute changes to their local laws, so that they fit their community the best. For example, in 2013, in Bzenec, local authorities officially issued a ban on walking your lion. This ban became a local law after one of the families from there bought a lion, but the majority of the village was too scared of it. The case that the Constitutional court had to intervene in was a case of prohibiting people to publicly drink alcohol. While drinking publicly is certainly far from forbidden in our beer-loving country, some parts of a city can be designated as zones, where drinking alcohol is prohibited. However, Heřmanův Městec, a town in the Pardubice region was found to be abusing its lawmaking power after its representatives made it illegal to drink alcohol publicly in parts of the town, unless the event was organized by the town hall itself. Thus it was giving itself an unfair advantage over local businesses, according to the spokesperson of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, which decided to remove the ban in Heřmanův Městec completely.

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