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Interesting Facts About Casinos

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Desc. Considering the fact that casinos have been around for years, it opens the door to interesting facts that require the world’s attention.

Facts and figures relating to casinos can always sound interesting due to the historic background and the nature of some of the games that casinos host. While a simple fact cannot paint a complete picture, it does help one in understanding how the process moves forward or how a part of it does so. 

With all these facts falling into the picture, the layer of interest that it attracts is beyond everything and the process of reading them one after the other is certainly going to make things count.

  • It was Italy that started it all 

There are different names that come to mind when you think about classic gambling locations. From Las Vegas to London, there are tons of casinos that are visually stunning and extraordinarily entertaining. However, these places are not responsible for the origin of casinos because Italy is the one who started it all.

Moreover, the word ‘casino’ derives from the root word ‘casa’ meaning house and the fact that the origin of gambling can be dated back to Venice in 1638.

  • Slots go back to 1887

The origin of table games usually ends up as a debate because certain parts of history are still unknown and a few of us are yet to figure out what really happened or who really started playing these games. However, slots have got their priorities filled because the origin of slots goes back to 1887.

Known as the Liberty Bell, the first-ever slot machine was developed by Charles Fell who had released the complete design in 1891. Thanks to its remarkable technology, the introduction was a huge hit and went on to be well-known in the gambling field. 

  •  Robert Maxwell and his relationship with roulette 

We all know Robert Maxwell as a notorious and controversial figure who was also suspected of being a spy. But did you know that he loved roulette? Yes, that’s right. Maxwell used to play roulette, although he was not successful at it and even ended up losing €1.5 million in just over three minutes.

While the staggering loss could be a career-ending disaster for the common person, it was not much of a problem for a multi-millionaire businessman. 

  •  Care to have some fruit-flavoured chewing gum?

Being into slots in the 1880s was an interesting affair because slot machines used to dispense fruit-flavoured gum. Yes, you heard that right. These machines were used to dispense chewing gum and also included tokens for cigars and drinks. So living in this era and being a huge fan of slots would have always worked well for everyone.

  • Take a look at the world’s smallest casino

In the modern age where you can pay by mobile casinos and gamble-on-the-go, a term like a world’s smallest casino might give you a whole different impression. However, you need to forget about all of them and focus because the world’s smallest casino is at the back of a London cab.

The famous Grosvenor Casino has a gaming table, bar, dealer and a TV despite being at the back of a cab. So will you be ready to hop onto this casino?

  • The importance of voluntary exclusion 

It’s important to take preventive action when you believe that you have a problem and want it to go away. So if the problem is gambling addiction, there is a policy in place to ban yourself from casinos. Several casinos around the country will consider the move and it will also be a crime if you step foot on the gaming floor. 

Since prevention is an important step and taking action is a proper reaction, you should always be ready to consider this move if you come to believe that you are going through addiction.

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