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Czech Justice Ministry Paid 6.5 Million to a Man Who Was Wrongly Prosecuted

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The state had to compensate a staggering 6.5 million to an individual whose job was jeopardized due to a prosecution that was later dropped. The Justice Ministry in the Czech Republic paid this unprecedented sum as compensation for lost income to the man who faced a four-year prosecution over alleged mismanagement of foreign property, obstructing his career progression and costing him a coveted position at a company.

In a notable legal development, the highest-ever compensation for income loss arising from a criminal prosecution in the Czech Republic was granted by the courts. Ondřej Micka from Polverini Strnad law firm disclosed this information, corroborated by the Ministry of Justice.

Marcela Nevšímalová, the ministry’s spokesperson, detailed the situation: “A Czech citizen, prosecuted for a breach in managing foreign property, received a compensation of CZK 6.5 million for the financial damage. This payment was made in June this year.” She emphasized that this payout represented the most substantial compensation for lost earnings due to criminal proceedings.

Micka highlighted that the individual’s legal ordeal commenced when he was on the cusp of securing an expert role at a prominent company. Regrettably, the charges derailed his career prospects as the company terminated negotiations. After the prosecution was abandoned, the individual sought reparation for the income he had foregone.

Pavel Strnad, an attorney, underscored the significance of the victory: “Following two initial rejections of his claim by lower courts, we achieved an award exceeding CZK 6.5 million for lost income after the second appeal—making it the highest sum ever granted by the courts for such damages.”

However, Strnad acknowledged that the compensation, although substantial, could only partially alleviate the victim’s plight. He emphasized the profound toll such cases exact on personal and professional lives, stressing how the individual was constantly under stress, and the episode disrupted what should have been a prime career phase.

“The person involved was perpetually under duress, which cast a shadow over the best years of his career when he was at the zenith of his professional journey and possessed extensive expertise,” Strnad lamented.


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