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Four People Drowned in the Czech Republic Over the Past Weekend

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Over the weekend, the Czech Republic witnessed a series of heartbreaking drowning incidents, claiming at least four lives, and sadly, five when including Friday’s casualty.

In response to these devastating events, the Czech Red Cross Rescue Service has launched a crucial campaign to raise awareness about the hazards of swimming and water sports. Informative boards have been installed at the Slapy reservoir, with plans to extend them to other popular water bodies throughout the country.

One of the tragedies unfolded at the Slapy reservoir, where a 50-year-old man lost his life on Sunday. Despite the dedicated efforts of rescuers, they were unable to revive him after pulling him from the water, as reported by Marek Gilebrant of the Central Bohemian Rescue Service.

Saturday marked three more cases, each resulting in fatalities. A 73-year-old woman drowned in a pond near Holoubkov in the Rokycany region, and a man in his thirties met a similar fate in the Opram reservoir near Litvinov in the Most region. Meanwhile, a woman tragically drowned while swimming in the Sokol natural reservoir at the Brno dam.

Adding to the sorrowful toll, it was reported that a fifty-eight-year-old man drowned in the gravel and sand lakes of Poděbrady near Olomouc.

As part of the safety initiative, prominent signs have been set up to remind vacationers never to swim alone, to stay close to the shore, and to ensure they have a companion or rescue equipment nearby.

The water rescue service sternly reminds all swimmers to avoid swimming over the dam and to refrain from venturing too far from the shore. Such actions not only put them at risk in case of sudden health issues but may also result in dangerous encounters with boats.

According to David Šmejkal, the president of the Rescue Service, the Czech Republic experiences between 180 and 200 water-related fatalities annually, indicating a higher drowning rate per capita compared to countries like France, Germany, and Italy. Last year alone, water rescuers were involved in 720 incidents, and this year, the number has already reached 260.

Amid this sobering reality, the need for vigilance and caution around water bodies has never been more crucial. Let’s unite to honor the memories of those who lost their lives and strive to prevent further tragedies through increased awareness and responsible water activities.

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