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Severe Thunderstorms Expected in the Czech Republic, Hail, Strong Winds, and Heavy Rainfall Forecasted

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The Czech Republic is bracing for severe thunderstorms that will sweep across the region. The storms are anticipated to begin on Friday afternoon and evening, as well as during Saturday night, initially affecting the northwestern half of Bohemia and later extending to other areas. These storms could bring hail exceeding 3 centimeters in diameter, wind gusts reaching about 90 km/h, and heavy rainfall of approximately 40 mm. Meteorologists have cautioned about additional thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon, as stated on their website.

Meteorologists warned, “On Friday afternoon and evening, and during the night to Saturday, very strong storms will first appear in the northwestern part of Bohemia, and later in other areas as well.”

These storms could entail hail larger than 3 cm, wind gusts of around 90 km/h, and heavy rainfall of about 40 mm.

Furthermore, more thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday afternoon, evening, and Sunday night. The meteorologists added, “These storms might bring torrential rainfall of around 50 mm, and in recurrent thunderstorms, over 70 mm of rainfall. Additionally, hail larger than 3 cm and wind gusts around 90 km/h are possible.”

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute shared via Twitter, “The intensity of the thunderstorms will be less in the northwest of Bohemia. Local flooding or flash flooding might occur due to anticipated torrential rainfall.”

The institute continued, “Considerable increases in water levels are likely after heavier rainfall, especially during the night from Saturday to Sunday. This is particularly expected in regions spanning from southern Bohemia through the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands to the northern mountain areas.”

Simultaneously, the public is being reminded about the ongoing high-temperature advisory.

“Temperatures this afternoon will remain between 31 and 35°C in the lower and middle parts of the Czech Republic, except for western Bohemia, where it will be around 30°C. Due to the warm weather, the risk of wildfires is heightened in Bohemia. However, this risk is expected to decrease over the weekend due to anticipated rainfall,” the meteorologists concluded.



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