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Summary: Transit cos. investing into vehicles and buildings

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The Brno public transit company plans to reconstruction of track upper for CZK 350m in 2017. It will complete the reconstruction and modernization of four T3 and K2 type trams in program Vario for CZK 93m. It will also purchase three trolleybuses with alternative propulsion and air conditioning (CZK 36m), 23 articulated CNG buses (CZK 200m) and 10 minibuses (CZK 35m). It will commence the modernization of radio network and information system MHD-RIS II. The new steering and info system will cost the public transit operator CZK 160m (without EU subsidies). The Ostrava public transit company is planning a major change, it will not use vehicles with diesel engines by 2020. In the fall it will have 10 partial trolleybuses delivered. The Pardubice public transit company will purchase seven trolleybuses and two buses for CZK 81.2m. It will also complete investments Tracks in front of rail terminal and two trolleybus tracks (CZK 30m and CZK 22m). The České Budějovice public transit company expects due to delayed subsidy calls that it will purchase only two partial Škoda 27 Tr trolleybuses for CZK 31m. This is based on a survey by ČIANEWS.


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