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Most Czechs want sustainable energy

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In many past elections, parties focusing mainly on environmental issues often received little votes for their initiative. Thus, it seems rather safe to assume that most Czech voters are questioning the importance of fighting the Global Warming Crisis. However, when it comes to electricity, this trend fails to continue, as most Czechs actually support the idea of generating electricity. In 2020, more than half of all Czech electricity, a total of 52.5%, was still made by burning fossil fuels in power plants. The vast majority of that number is made up of burning coal. Both brown and black coal have a long standing tradition as sources of energy in the Czech Republic, as they are mined locally and there is plenty of them in our deposits. Nevertheless, it seems that time fore a change has come, as technology of producing power from renewable and sustainable sources has made a drastic leap forward, and legislation from the EU is soon expected to react to this by requiring a growing percentage for renewable energy in the ‘national energetic mix’. This legislative change will most likely come as a part of the EU goal to reduce total carbon emissions of the Union between 1990 and 2030 by 55%. Despite the possibility of rising prices of electricity, which seems inadvertent if such changes to the electrical grid will happen, a lot of Czechs support the idea of such a change happening according to research done by the start-up company bezDodavatele. “Interestingly, although Czechs are more reluctant to use green technologies than other Europeans, 58 percent of them believe that electricity from renewable sources should replace the current method of electricity generation, by burning coal, in the future,” according to the founder of the start-up, Robert Chmelař.

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