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Hairdressers Brace For New System Requiring Negative COVID-19 Tests From Customers

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Czech officials are discussing a system whereby customers to haridressers, pedicurists, and other bodycare services submit negative COVID-19 tests upon entry.

Jana Schillerová, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health has given a rough outline of what the system will look like.

“There will be a list of customers who have proven themselves with a negative test, and the database will be checked by hygiene officials and the Trade Licensing Office in cooperation with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. For example, these people will have to take an antigen test from a certified collection site, and then have it verified and confirmed that they have a negative test.”

It is not clear whether or not businesses will be checked on a routine, scheduled basis, or if it will be completely random. It’s also not clear whether inspectors will be checking individual personal data, or comparing the amount of customers with negative tests being recorded by businesses to data from testing centers. Technically, hairdressers or other businesses are not legally allowed to record or request personal data like birth numbers, addresses, or birthdates.

Schillerová reiterated that “I won’t say what the exact system is yet because it’s still being addressed.”

Negative antigen tests have to be from less than 72 hours prior, and PCR tests can be a week old, according to the spokeswoman. Those who have been vaccinated at least 14 days prior to entering a shop don’t have to submit a negative test, and those who can prove that they have already had COVID-19 can submit a test 90 days old.

Karel Havlíček, Minister of Industry and Trade for the Czech Republic announced on Twitter that on May 3rd, certain shops and services could be reopened.

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