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Thunder after thunder

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This year, the summer has brought an unusually high amount of storm warnings. Together with the largest tornado the Czech Republic has ever seen, this made this year one of the most stormy years in two decades. The amount of storms this year is surprising to many, especially given the fact that in the last few years, weather news have been dominated by warnings about dangerously high temperatures and extreme drought. Instead of fallen trees and floods, firemen used to deal with large fires and villages without water. In terms of weather forecasts, the dry weather caused by an influence of high pressure regions is much more predictable. Thus, meteorologists could make very accurate forecasts in the past years. This year, however, the Czech weather had cyclonal characteristics, and so it was very unpredictable, and mostly stormy. Unluckily, it would be much more useful if humans were better at predicting storms than droughts, as storms can take lives much quicker than droughts. For example, there were some who hinted that a tornado might appear in southern Moravia, but no one knew for sure. If we were able to predict the weather more accurately that day, perhaps more people could have hidden their cars and other property to decrease the damage caused. Furthermore, those who passed away due to the natural disaster could have still been with us. With drones intentionally making storms in the Middle East, perhaps we too could look into ways in which we could influence, or at least better predict the weather.

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