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Jihlava waterpark in flames

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Panic ensued as a water park in Jihlava, the regional capital which stands on the border of the historic lands of Bohemia and Moravia, got engulfed in flames. After dozens of visitors were evacuated, the firemen quickly managed to get the inferno under control. However, the fire reportedly reached the ventilation system, which had spread toxic fumes throughout the building. Consequently, the water park will stay closed indefinitely. The early estimates of the cost of the damages are stating that this accident will cost the owners of this recreation facility over 1.5 million crowns. No one got injured, but the water park will likely stay closed for weeks during peak season, which will no doubt be a financial blow to owners, who had to keep it closed for much of the past 16 months. The part of the water park that caught on fire only opens to the public after 14:00, so none of the visitors were even close to the fire. Those who bought tickets to the facility will be given their money back if they request it according to the spokesperson of SLUŽBY MĚSTA JIHLAVY s.r.o., the company to which the Vodní Ráj water park belongs. According to initial measurements with a thermal camera, the fire started in a heating unit of a sauna inside the building. It is too soon to tell whether this happened due to a malfunction of equipment or due to human error.

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