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Seven Czechs to cross Latin America on kick scooters

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Prague, Nov 5 (CTK) – Seven Czech adventurers, four men and three women aged 24-33 years, plan to ride across Latin America on kick scooters, covering 11,000 km from Mexico to the tip of Argentina, Marek Jelinek, one of the participants in the trip, has told CTK.
The group will leave Prague on November 11 and they want to return in June or June.
“We will cross all South American countries except for Venezuela. Our sources recommend to avoid it,” Jelinek told CTK.
The young people want to fulfil their dream.
“To leave the comfort zone and set out for traps and adventures in our lives. We have given up our sure posts and are leaving for the end of the world to overcome our personal limits,” Jelinek said.
The group has prepared the route for six months. The total 11,000 kilometres include 4,000km on rivers. They would like to cover some 60km a day.
“We want to avoid early exhaustion and this is why we suppose that we will have a rest after each two days. This is no race,” Jelinek .
They have been training for the project by making regular trips on kick scooters.
Their expedition will start in Yucatan lowlands in Mexico. Then they will ride along the sea from Cancun, Mexico, across Belize to Guatemala where they will face the first mountains of some 2500 metres. they expect to cross the whole Central America in January. Then they will sail by ship from Panama to Turbo harbour, Colombia, from which they will continue on kick scooters heading for Ecuador, the Amazon basin, Peru and further southwards to Ushuaia, south Argentina, Jelinek said.
“We are looking forward to meeting culture and people. Latin America is very cheerful, colourful, sincere, but sometimes also dangerous,” Jelinek said.
Every member of the team has a weight limit of 23 kilos for the tour. The kick scooter alone weighs 7.5 kilos.
The scooters have a special carrier with waterproof bags for some 20 kilos of equipment including first aid kits, tents, sleeping bags, T-shirts and cameras. They will be shooting a documentary during the trip.
People can follow the group on its Facebook profile or read a blog in which Jelinek has started writing about the preparations and he will add experiences from the scooter trip.

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