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TikToker reveals his mindset and motivations in a TEDx talk

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In September 2021, TEDxUNYP, an independently organized TEDx event held in Prague, invited the Italian TikToker, influencer and actor Alessandro Bedetti to deliver a talk about the thought processes of young people using TikTok. Alessandro has 1.4 million TikTok followers, and has just embarked on a career in the Italian film industry. Alessandro demonstrated the creation of two TikTok videos live on stage while describing the process, and shared his motivations and reasons for using TikTok.

Alessandro’s main points were:

· TikTok can be used to build a personal presence or business.

· TikTok follows a specific algorithm and technical framework.

TikTok took over the world in 2021, in the wake of controversy caused by the platform and its content. Used mostly by generation Z, the platform has generally been seen as juvenile, but this changed with the beginning of the pandemic in late 2019. Many public figures started to use TikTok to communicate with their audience, and before long TikTok had enabled ads on its platform and was starting to work with companies.

It is obvious that TikTok’s potential for advertising is similar to that of Facebook and Instagram. It could be argued that TikTok’s potential has surpassed established social media platforms, as it became 2021’s most visited website. Many companies have already reallocated some of their budget to developing a TikTok presence and advertising there.

About Alessandro Bedetti

18-year-old Italian actor and influencer Alessandro Bedetti featured in the Italian TV mini-drama ‘Nudes’ in 2021, and is currently shooting his first feature film, where he will play the starring role of a pro-gamer. Alessandro will continue his studies next year at an Italian drama academy.


TEDxUNYP is the largest officially licensed TEDx event in the Czech Republic. It is a university event drawing a younger demographic, which brings together bright minds to give idea-focused talks on a wide range of subjects. The goals are to foster learning, inspiration and wonder, and to provoke conversations that matter. In September 2021, TEDxUNYP organized the biggest TEDxUNYP event in their history, with over 400 attendees and 14 speakers.

Robin Nguyen

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