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Alchymista Snů // “Liberatum – homage to Milada Horáková”

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Alchymista Snů is the “Stage Name” of Maestro Jose Miguel Maschietto an Italian Pianist, Conductor and Composer, living in Prague since 2010, his work are inspired and aim to a cinematography environment and audience, Theatre and polyhedral performance witch are extremely different one from each other; after the success of the Word Premiere: “The Alchemist of Dream” witch took place at Ponec Theatre last 7 March, Alchymista is now going to present his music composition next 27 June at 20:00/p.m. in the charming and precious frame of: The National Museum of Music ( during the year of Czech Music (

This Event “Liberatum – homage to Milada Horáková” is also under the patronage of Parliamentarian Ing. Věra Kovářová, Embassy of Slovenia; Convergence of Cultures ČR (; and partner as: Czech National Museum of Music, Prague TV (, Cacao Prague(, all these synergies are aim to offer an cultural and social experience, in order to sensitize the audience about the different realities and historical memory.

Should be remembered and signalled that the Maestro is one of the few foreign composers (if not the only one) who received the privilege to present his music under the high patronage of the President of the Czech Republic and in the context of this very important national celebration.

Year of Czech Music 2014

Artistic patrons: mezzo soprano Magdalena Kožená and Conductor Sir Simon Rattle
Honorary President: Jiří Bělohlávek, CBE – chief Conductor of the Czech Philharmonic
Political patron: Miloš Zeman, the President of Czech Republic

The year 2014 is another remarkable year for Czech music, with over sixty prominent Czech composers, performers, and musical organizations celebrating anniversaries – from Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Leoš Janáček, Bohuslav Martinů, and Josef Suk to Rafael Kubelík and Milada Šubrtová to the Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava. As the attentive public may be aware, years ending in the numeral 4 are recognized as “years of music.” The tradition is very long and started in the year 1924 with celebration of Smetana´s anniversary.

The Ministry of Culture CR in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Ministry for Regional Development of the CR, initiated the 2014 Year of Czech Music program with the primary objectives of supporting projects promoting Czech music both at home and abroad.

Within the European context, the program’s objective is to revive musical information and networks across the continent while also addressing individuals interested in Czech music, particularly foreign professionals. While state grant support is intended for Czech organizers, individuals from abroad can also get involved in the collective promotion or co-production of the projects and program.

The project’s key words “creativity” and “cooperation” underline another main goal: to increase the efficiency and impact of activity in the arts not only via financial support, but also via thematic and temporal coordination, cooperation, and shared creative invention. Very important is the dimension of the new ways of education, cooperation of schools with artistic organizations and the topic of building of audience.

Cultural context:

Czech and European music, “unity in diversity”

Ever since the reign of Charles IV, music composed on Czech territory has been part of a greater context: music of Europe’s culturally developed regions. Even as national states were formed in the 19th century, European culture has existed in a paradoxical “association in diversity” that has not and should not end in consolidation or hegemony. Culture is a tool that has helped us adopt Europe the place as our home, and music free of ideology can be an instrument of natural understanding. This means that Czech music can serve as a source of inspiration not only to Czechs, but also to Europeans and other world cultures.

Convergence of Cultures

Convergence of Cultures is one of the organisms of the Humanist Movement . It was established in May 4th, 1969 with a public exposition of its founder, Silo, known as “The Healing of Suffering”, in a mountainous spot in the Andes, named Punta de Vacas, next to the border between Argentina and Chile.

The Humanist Movement is based on the current of thought known as New Humanism or Universalist Humanism, developed in Silo’s works and in the work of the various authors who inspired in it.

This thought also implies a feeling and a way of living, it influences numerous fields of human activity, giving rise to diverse organisms and actions fronts.

All of them act in specific fields of activity with a common goal: Humanizing the earth, thus contributing to increase human freedom and happiness.

Other organisms of the Humanist Movement are the The Community for Human Development, Humanist Party, World Without Wars and without Violence, and The World Center of Humanist Studies.

Homage to Milada Horáková

Milada Horakova, was a Czechoslovakian jurist and political figure who became a symbol of the anti-Nazi and anti-Communist resistance in his country, icon of courage and human dignity.

While the Czechoslovak democracy was strangled under the leadership of Klement Gottwald bloody, and while hundreds of thousands of Czechs fled abroad, this brave woman decided to stay, resisting as he had resisted during the Nazi occupation .

He devoted his whole life to the struggle against the death of the soul , against intimidation, lies and violence implemented by the communist regime of Gottwald and his companions , finally paying with their lives .

Milada Horakova was persecuted , arrested and subjected to harsh interrogations and show trials . Despite the torture and pressure , Milada Horakova retained the courage to defend his ideas , his dreams , his values ​​of freedom, equality and brotherhood. On 26 June 1950, the President Klement Gottwald signed his death warrant.


The evening will move around 21:30pm. at the Cacao Terrace in Náměstí Republiky ( V celnici 1031/4) for an VIP reception, host by the sponsor and partner of the event: Cacao Prague, in cooperation and with the support of the Slovenian Embassy.

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