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Crash and run

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On Sunday morning, a car with 7 young people crashed into another stationary car and then proceeded to damage the fences of two separate buildings and electrical equipment. The passengers in the car were ranging from 15 to 23 years in age, almost all were drunk, and two were not even sitting on car seats. The 21 year-old driver ran away from the place of the accident immediately, without even checking if anyone in the car was hurt. In fact they all were, and all needed transportation to the hospital. The damages on both cars were estimated to be about 70,000 crowns each, and the damage on the nearby buildings will cost around 100,000 crowns to repair. A couple hours after the incident, the driver arrived to a local police station to confess himself, so no search was necessary. On the other hand, the police was yet unable to estimate his blood alcohol levels due to this. The investigation of this case is thus ongoing and the police have spoken of no charges yet. However, even if the driver will not be litigated, he will have to live the rest of his life knowing that he hurt his friends with his reckless driving and then escaped irresponsibly.

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