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Právo: Czechs can buy adventurous thrills as gift for friends

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Prague, Nov 9 (CTK) – Czech companies offer adventurous thrills that people can buy for their friends as a gift, such as the kidnapping by a commando that is available for 16,000 crowns on the web page of a firm based in Liberec, north Bohemia, daily Pravo writes yesterday.
The possibility of video recording of the happening slightly rises the price, Pravo writes.
It writes that the happening starts with the gift recipients standing outside their houses unlocking the door when all of a sudden four hooded men wearing black police gear appear behind their backs, two of them catching them, brutally twisting their hands behind their backs and handcuffing them.
Another commando member blindfolds and pushes them into a car that takes them away, Pravo describes the happening.
The Liberec firm says the kidnappers are real professionals. On its web page, it writes that most of them are soldiers or police with a special training. On demand, they can say a couple of words in Ukrainian in order to underline the thrill of alarm, Pravo writes.
It writes that the firm also offers a simulation of military training or participation in a riot unit.
It shows that more and more Czechs relish changing common life for situations full of endangerment, fear and physical discomfort.
“People have always longed to experience a mixture of excitement and danger. But a majority of them do not want to experience situations, where their life is in real danger,” psychologist Dalibor Spok told Pravo.
He mentioned the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome and bullfights that have been popular particularly in Spain to date.
“In modern times, horrors and also unethical forms of this entertainment are popular. Tourists visit the sites of disasters or social safari where they go to see the poor or suffering without helping them in any way only to experience the pleasant feeling that they slightly suffered together with them, but in fact they can return to the comfort of their hotels and homes any time,” Spok said.
Pravo writes that games in which people take part in groups and have to fulfil various physically and psychically demanding tasks by a deadline have become popular in this country.
One of the best known is the “Iron Curtain,” in which the client experiences interrogation by the communist secret police among others, Pravo writes.
Sixty percent of the Iron Curtain participants are women. “The typical visitor is 20 to 40 years old, while 30 is the most frequent age. A crushing majority of the participants are very amiable and frank people,” Spok said.
($1=24.892 crowns)

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