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Emergency lane abuse

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A motorbike driver seriously violated road traffic rules on the Prague ring road on Wednesday. The reckless driver first started their antics by abusing the emergency lane left behind an ambulance. In the Czech Republic, these lanes unfortunately only start forming once drivers hear an ambulance coming, which already postpones the arrival time of an ambulance to the nearest hospital by a lot. However, this driver put even more danger into the situation for the severely wounded passenger of the emergency vehicle, when they caught up to the ambulance. They decided that the ambulance is going too slow, and proceeded to overtake it. This caused a lot of chaos, as they manoeuvred through an emergency lane that has not had a chance to fully form yet. Thus they endangered the lives of all people travelling on the ring road. While such a stunt would be severely punished elsewhere in the EU, in Czechia, the driver may only be charged a fine of up to 2500 crowns. Many experts seem to agree that this needs to be changed, as seconds cost lives in healthcare, so the hasty arrival of an ambulance to a hospital is of utmost importance. Such selfish behaviour from drivers, who do not realise that they might be in an ambulance too one day, should probably be punished more harshly than taking a bus without a ticket four times.

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