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Czechs Show Interest In Summer Tours To Turkey And Greece

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Czechs consider spending a vacation in Turkey and Greece during the upcoming summer. Tunisia and Egypt are also some of the top choices.

Exim Tours are waiting for the same sales as of January last year when the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been felt yet. Petr Kostka, Exim Tours spokesman, said that the interest is so high that the company had to prolong the sales until January 15. Besides, clients are interested in Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, also Spain, and Italy. 

The Fischer travel agency also noticed interest in first-minute tours. Families with children are the main customers because they want to get places in popular hotels with everything included.

“The current numbers of pre-sales suggest that this year we could reach 60 percent of the total amount of 2019,”

the Fischer spokesman Jan Bezděk stated.

He added that the most popular destinations are Turkey, Greece, and the Spanish Islands. Another travel agency Čedok released the same results. 

Invia also reported that thousands of summer tours are sold. According to their spokeswoman Andrea Řezníčková, the biggest sales were in December when people bought tours as Christmas gifts.

“I am convinced that January will win in sales compared to December at the end of the month. We expect an increase in the second half of January. This is always the case, clients know that the best offers are valid until the end of January,”  Řezníčková added.

Due to the uncertain pandemic situation, tour agencies adjusted their requirements such as a free cancellation 30 days before the beginning of the tour without the need to give any reason. They provide discounted PCR tests and sometimes free COVID-19 insurance. Also, clients prefer to use the vouchers from last year’s canceled trips. 

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