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Another tornado?

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Late on Wednesday, the inhabitants of the Vysočina region, around Mohelno, looked up to the sky in terror, as a cloud closely resembling a tornado formed above their heads. The visual scare was accompanied by a steep drop in temperature, rain and strong winds. However, this was not a tornado, but merely a cloud formation, called a shelf cloud, which ended up being mostly harmless in physical damages. However this experience has uncovered that many Czechs are now scared of tornadoes after they have seen the devastation that occurred not even a month ago around Hodonín. Those who have experienced the tornado in their homes are even often experiencing symptoms of trauma-connected psychological disorders. Nevertheless, it does seem like this summer’s weather is not getting any tamer yet, with floods destroying parts of Germany and hail storms ravaging southern Poland. On the other hand, it does seem that if another unfortunate natural disaster strikes Czechia, we will all be able to show some sympathy to those affected and lend a helping hand, as we did for Morava.

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