Prague, Sept 14 (CTK) – Natsuki Katsukawa, from Japan, has won the 2016 Stanislav Libensky Award, an international competitive exhibition of young glassmakers, followed by Karina Malling, from Denmark, and Ebibi Salomee, from France, the jury’s head Helena Koenigsmarkova announced yesterday.
Same as last year, when Tami Ishida was the winner, a Japanese glassmaker won the award.
Katsukawa’s works were inspired by microscopic imaging and they look like prehistoric live organisms. Her approach to glassmaking seems tender, while that of Malling who combines glass with sand and soil is close to research. Salomee connects her work with video that puts the static glass in motion, the jury said.
A special prize was given to Clare Peters, from Australia, who combines optical glass with text and light.
The jury selected the winner from 36 young glassmakers from 18 countries this year. The winner receives a three-week stay in the Pilchuck Glass School in the United States.
The awarded works will be exhibited in the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague until November 14.
Stanislav Libensky (1921-2002) is an outstanding Czech glasswork artist and teacher who contributed to the development of modern glass art.