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Lying to get pregnant

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According to many single or homosexual women, the Czech law is years behind when it comes to artificial fertilization of an egg in a human female, be it IVF, or any other way. The main issue seems to be that a woman who fulfils all the other criteria, still cannot go through the process of artificial fertilization, without a male partner by her side. Even if the sperm will not be donated by the man that is signing the documents next to her. While it was initially probably meant as safety precaution to ensure that the child would have at least 2 adults legally bound to it, this law has its roots in a time when homosexual partnerships were not viewed as valid enough, or when being a single mother was viewed as one of the biggest tragedies that could happen to a woman. Now the country’s society has moved on from such thoughts tremendously, but the law unfortunately lagged behind. Thus, any woman who wants to get fertilized artificially has to present to the clinic with a man. The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that it can be completely any man at all. This is caused by the fact that the pair does not have to be married, so there is no legal way for clinics to check whether the pair actually shares an intimate relationship together. Even though this loophole exists, future homosexual and single mothers often feel very uncomfortable to lie to their doctors about their sexuality and intimate relationships. It is bad to lie to doctors in any case, but they are being forced into a corner by the law. The only other option for them is to complicate their family plans even further, and travel to Spain or the Netherlands, where single mothers can request to get pregnant in a very clean and safe way, unlike Czech women, who sadly have to search for a ‘fake father’ on the internet.

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