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Floods in Czechia

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The weekend rains have unfortunately resulted in many floods across the Czech Republic. Some even had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. Floods seem to be an unfortunate and frequent trade-off for the Czech scenery, which is riddled with rivers and small streams. And this summer’s wild weather has certainly not helped. Destroyed roads, fields and cellars are not an unlikely sight in many Czech villages. While some have started to clean up to minimize damages to their belongings, many have also opted to try and fortify what is left to protect it from the rains forecasted for the coming days. In most cases, those who have been stuck by this natural disaster are receiving help from brave local fire brigades, be it professionals or volunteers. Although the damages caused by floods are an unfortunate event, especially for those who struggle to insure their properties due to their presence in flood hazard zones, many people are grateful that they have not experienced anywhere near the amount of horror and destruction as we see in the pictures from Germany. In the Czech Republic, no lives were fortunately lost to the floods.

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