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It is about to become colder

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According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, the remainder of this week may well be the last hot and sunny week we can expect for a while. The coming weeks are supposed to bring lower temperatures, colder winds and even more rain. Such weather is supposed to last at least until mid-August. However, this shift in weather was expected by the meteorologists. According to all the data measured in Czech history, the hottest middle of the summer took place in 1994, with the average temperature only being 22.5 degrees Celsius. The expected rise in rainfall is also standard for this time of the year and should not go above the long-term average of 75mm of rainfall for this time period. However, this year’s weather has already soaked a lot of the soil in our country, so further rainfall could result in even more floods. Only time will tell if this year’s summer will become even more tragic. At least we do not have to deal with drought.

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