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Moravian Karst offers new tourist attraction co-financed by EU

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Blansko, Aug 19 (CTK) – A House of Nature, co-financed from the EU funds and hosting a permanent exhibition, was opened yesterday in the Moravian Karst Nature Reserve as a new service to the visitors to the area, which is a popular tourist destination, its chief manager Leos Stefka told CTK.
The exhibition highlights the importance of the Moravian Karst, which is the oldest nature reserve in Moravia, and presents local nature.
Most of the project’s costs of 86 million crowns have been covered from EU subsidies.
Up to 50,000 tourists are expected to visit the exhibition annually.
The house is made of wood and stone. The exhibition presents the Moravian Karst as an area with more than 1,000 caves and a number of rare plant and animal species as well as geological rarities.
The Moravian Karst is situated north of the Moravian capital Brno. Five of its caves are open to the public and annually visited by 350,000 people.
The best-known attractions include Macocha, a 139-metre-deep abyss, the subterranean Punkva River and several cave complexes.
Similar Houses of Nature have been gradually established in nature reserves across the Czech Republic in order to highlight the rarities to be seen there and the reason why the state decided to protect them.
The House of Nature in the Moravian Karst is the sixth permanent exhibition of its kind.
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