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IED explodes near family home

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The police are currently investigating Thursday’s case of an Improvised Explosive Device exploding in Vrchotové Janovice near Benešov. According to ,the explosion took place near the gate of a compound, which it damaged. A family lives inside the compound, but luckily no one was close enough to the explosion to get injured. However, early investigation results show that the explosive device probably had a tripwire-like system that likely malfunctioned, otherwise it would have injured or even killed anyone passing through the gate. According to the spokesperson of the Central Bohemian Region Police Department, Pavel Truxa, they are still investigating the circumstances of the case, but there are suspicions of illegal armament, endangering the public, and damage to property. The police is reluctant to share any more information this early in the investigation. The use of explosives is strictly regulated in the Czech Republic, so the perpetrator will likely face years in prison if found guilty.

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