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Casino careers: Can you get a degree in gambling?

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Is there such a thing as a gambling school? Have you ever thought about earning a degree related to casino and gambling? Now’s your chance to know more about gambling schools and what they can offer you in this Bitcasino article!

Although there are many resources on the internet that can teach you how to play classic casino games such as roulette, craps, blackjack, poker, and others, these can’t offer the basic training you’ll need to enter the casino industry on a professional level. Fortunately, there are gambling schools all over the world dedicated to teaching aspiring dealers and croupiers to become experts in the field. Find out more about them below!

Get certified at gambling academies

Local gambling schools offer courses covering all aspects of gambling and dealing like game mechanics, how to handle cards, game equipment needed, and betting systems. 

Here are some of the best gambling schools you can enrol at if you’re interested in getting certified as a professional casino croupier: 

PCI Dealer’s School 

For over 30 years, the PCI Dealer’s School has served many aspiring casino professionals in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s one of the oldest casino institutions in the city owned by Jesse Lauer, a consultant for various Las Vegas casino establishments.

The gambling school offers course packages of casino games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, dice, and carnival games. 

All graduates from PCI Dealer’s School earn a certificate of completion for the program they choose. Moreover, the gambling school also has a vast network of casino establishments. PCI helps its students through its ‘placement program’ to get work as dealers and croupiers in casinos by setting up auditions and interviews for them.

The Casino Institute 

Specializing in casino security consulting and table game dealer training, The Casino Institute is the go-to gambling school in San Diego California. Its courses generally focus on table game fundamentals, proper casino techniques, and dealer mannerisms. 

The Casino Institute offers specific training programs depending on the casino game of your choice. It has courses on table games such as blackjack shoe, blackjack pitch, different poker variations, roulette, and craps. 

Once you’ve completed the course requirements of the gambling school, you’ll be given a certificate of graduation that can be presented to casino establishments you wish to apply to. 

Ace Academy

Aside from croupier and dealership skills, Ace Academy teaches its students the necessary skills on health and safety, business principles, leadership, and hospitality needed by a future casino employee. 

The gambling school is one of the leading online casino course providers in the UK with instructors that are licensed by the Gambling Commission. 

The courses Ace Academy offers range from table game dealer courses to specific dealing standards and procedures imposed by the UK government. You are welcome to enrol in the gambling school with or without casino experience because it offers suitable courses for all levels of expertise.


Cerus Casino Academy

The Cerus Casino Academy is focused on training dealers and croupiers with eight branches located in the major cities of Europe including Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Mulhouse and Brussels. This institution boasts an employment guarantee from its more than 300 partner casino establishments. 

The courses include hands-on practices on dealer mannerisms and basic table game rules. This can help you enhance your skills in preparation for your casino career. 

The gambling school accepts applicants regardless of your educational attainment as long as you are dedicated to pursuing a career in the casino industry. 

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Known as the Entertainment Capital of the world, the city of Las Vegas is popular for its casino establishments. With the high demand for casino-related jobs and services in the city, it’s only fitting that the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offers both undergraduate and graduate programs on gaming management. 

Earning a degree in gaming management will help you learn more about conceptual theories on the sociology of gambling as well as technical knowledge on business analytics of casinos. 

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University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts offers two casino management programs on its roster: an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree. You can expect to learn about the history and development of casino gaming and operations. 

Through the courses you can take in the undergraduate program, you’ll have the chance to learn more about casino accounting and statistics, customer service, and marketing strategies of gaming products. The central focus of the program is on the current trends of casino management.

Why should you get a casino management degree?

In the casino industry, it’s harder for amateurs to qualify for higher positions because of laws and regulations that keep casino establishments in check. So if you want to climb the corporate ladder, you should consider earning a degree in casino management.

A casino management program prepares you for every aspect of handling gambling establishments. Universities with this program offer casino-related subjects including: 

  • Business theories 
  • Management theory
  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Casino laws and regulations
  • Technical aspects of gambling
  • Customer service and relations
  • Promotional strategies for rewards systems and giveaways
  • Human resource management skills 

Having this degree can help you get jobs such as a casino operations specialist, gaming security officer, and gaming operations manager. Moreover, if you want to increase your experience, you can apply for internship roles in prominent casinos before you graduate or get a part-time croupier job to find out more about the trade. 


Casino course refreshers

Before you start earning accolades in gambling schools, refresh your knowledge with casino games and the basic strategies to employ. Find out how slot reels work, the different betting strategies in roulette, or learn basic table game rules by browsing through the Bitcasino blogs. 

You can also try your hand in casino games such as Prestige Auto RouletteEvolution Live Blackjack, and Baccarat (regular) to get a better grasp of live dealer games!

Words by: Ryah Sunday Carreon

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