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Czech globetrotter to ride 30,000 km on bicycle in 300 days

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Prague/Policka, East Bohemia, June 23 (CTK) – Czech globetrotter Petr Mazal wants to ride 30,000 kilometres alone in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America in roughly 300 days, Mazal has said on his Facebook profile.
He only plans to have two one-week pauses to recover.
Mazal wrote that on Sunday, he had set out on the journey to the Baikal Lake.
During the first leg, Mazal wants to ride across Russia to Mongolia, northeastern China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
After flying to Armenia, he will ride across Georgia to Turkey and back to the Czech Republic.
At the end of September, he will set out for Africa.
The third leg of his journey will start in mid-January, when he will travel to South America.
He has all his equipment such as a tent and a sleeping bag on his bicycle.
Mazal wrote that he planned to cover roughly 150 kilometres a day.
Mazal has experiences from solo rides.
Two years ago, he was riding across Europe for three weeks and last year, he spent three months on his bicycle.
“I relish to bicycle alone. One really knows what is needed for life, looking forward to eating, drinking and sleeping,” Mazal said.
The journey will cost some 250,000 crowns that will be mostly spent on air tickets, he added.
The ride is scheduled to end in Brazil or Venezuela in a year, Mazal said.
($1 = 23.981 crowns)

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