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Prague Zoo celebrates surprise birth of baby gorilla

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Prague, April 23 (CTK) – A gorilla young was unexpectedly born in the Prague zoo yesterday, director Miroslav Bobek wrote on his Facebook, adding that the mother is the 24-year-old female Shinda and that the young is in order and people may see it on Sunday.
“It drinks and Shinda looks after it well,” Bobek wrote.
He wrote that the delivery was unexpected. “We did not know that Shinda is pregnant and what is mroe, we have already given up any hope that she could still have a young,” Bobek wrote.
The pavilion of gorillas is also inhabited by male Richard and the females Kamba, Bikira and Kijivu, a mother of four. Kamba also gave birth to two young, but they both died during the delivery.
The gorilla young is not the sole valuable offspring born in the Prague zoo this year. In January, a male common hippopotamus was born and at the beginning of April, an elephant young followed. It is the first both conceived and born in the zoo.

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