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Alleged racism leads to a brawl

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A group of football fans who have reportedly arrived to Sokolov to raft on the Ohře river have cut their trip short, as they got into a scuffle with the locals just minutes after they got off the train they arrived in. According to witnesses of the situation, the situation started to escalate when a part of the group exited a grocery shop near the train station with pastries. They began to throw these pastries at local Roma children while shouting out racist slurs. As the locals started to defend their children, the situation escalated quickly. Even though more than 20 police officers managed to diffuse the situation just 15 minutes later, there were 10 injured on the side of the locals and 3 on the side of the football fans group who were clearly experienced in violent scuffles, as they managed to withstand the attack of the locals despite being heavily outnumbered. Luckily, none of those harmed had to be admitted to the hospital and none of them were children. No one was arrested, but the police are investigating a possible charge of disorderly conduct or even injury to health. Most of the situation was captured on mobile phone cameras and posted on social media. The police are investigating all this footage while also questioning key suspects to reach an adequate verdict.

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