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Czech politicians denounce shooting in club in Turkey

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Prague, Jan 1 (CTK) – The shooting in the Turkish night club was a terrible tragedy, Czech Deputy Prime Minister and ANO head Andrej Babis told CTK yesterday, adding that it shows that classical security measures are ineffective against these attacks.
Other Czech politicians also denounced the attack as an abominable crime.
Babis said the behaviour of fanatics like the Istanbul shooter is difficult to predict.
“The classical safety measures do not function because the thinking of these fanatics is unimaginable for normal people and their behaviour difficult to imagine,” Babis aid.
Like other politicians, he regretted the victims and offered their sympathies to the victims’ families.
According to the latest information, the attack on the Reina club claimed at least 39 lives and 69 other people were injured. Foreigners are among the casualties. The attacker is still on the run from the police.
Jan Hamacek, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies (Social Democrats, CSSD) and rightist opposition TOP 09 head Miroslav Kalousek said such crimes must be averted by the secret services’ cooperation among others.
Petr Gazdik, chairman of the rightist opposition Mayors and Independents (STAN) movement, said no measures taken against terrorism will ever be fully effective.
Hamacek also echoed this opinion. “No measures taken against terrorism, however much robust they may be, will ever be effective at 100 percent,” he said.
Kalousek said the secret services and security forces must step up their cooperation to minimise the risks of similar abominable crimes.
Gazdik said the attack is a sad reminder of the new reality. Even though security measures are being tightened and the intelligence services’ are more active, it will not be possible to avert similar deeds carried out by every frustrated or fanaticised madman, he said.
Gazdik said the search for equilibrium between the highest possible security and the preservation of civic freedoms will be the greatest challenge democratic societies will face.

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