Prague, Sept 1 (CTK) – The Russian and Chinese secret services were most active in the Czech Republic in 2015, according to the 2015 annual report by the BIS counter-intelligence released yesterday.
Chinese spies focused on extending influence in politics and in the economy.
Russia mainly waged an information war connected with the Ukrainian and Syrian crises, and its spies also tried to get access to subsidies through stooges.
“A big part of the Russian intelligence officers penetrated under diplomatic cover of the Russian diplomatic mission, which was still numerically very disproportionate to other diplomatic missions, including powers like the United States and China,” the report said.
The Russian agents covered up their being part of the secret service, which threatened the secuity and interests of the Czech Republic, BIS wrote.
Russian spies attempted to weaken the country’s information potential infiltrating the Czech media and Internet and by the massive production of propaganda and disinformation.
They also tried to disrupt the internal cohesion and readiness for action of NATO and the EU by spreading untrue information, which produced the virtual threat of war, for instance.
Russia also continued its effort to promote its influence, maintain and boost its position in the Czech power industry. It concentrated on continued activities of the economic and scientific-technological intelligence.
Chinese spies mainly developed their influence and penetration of state structures. They have long focused on applying economic arguments in support of their political interests.
“In 2015, Chinese diplomacy, business and the intelligence services followed up their successes in the previous year and continued extending and promoting the influence infiltration of Czech politics and Czech state power bodies,” BIS wrote.
It wrote that mainly the Chinese military intelligence is active in the Czech Republic.