Prague, Sept 1 (CTK) – Seven people left the Czech Republic for Syria to join terrorist groups such as Islamic State (IS) last year, the Security Information Service (BIS) said in its annual report for 2015, adding that they were from the Islamic world, with a short stay in this country.
Their return to the EU would pose a serious security threat due to their possible participation in terrorist attacks. Despite numerous losses in the sphere of its area and personnel, IS was still able to launch important terrorist attacks that also affected Europe.
It has stepped up its propaganda in order to recruit new volunteers who were to join militant armed forces, the report said. Due to this, the BIS started watching the activities of the people with sympathies for the IS ideology and acts, the report said.
“It uncovered some sympathisers in the younger generation of the Muslims here. Among most of them, the presented views were signs of mental instability, frustration or even an illness,” the BIS said.
None of the Muslims in the Czech Republic had links with any Islamist grouping and often even to the local Muslim communities, it added.
The report stressed that apart from a few exceptions, Czech Muslims publicly condemned the IS activities.
The BIS also watched the other group that included the seven people who had travelled to Syria.
The service gained the information that it shared with secret services inside and outside the country, the report said.
The report warns that similarly to last year, there was a potential threat of a terrorist attack in the Czech Republic and other European countries.
Last year, BIS agents helped track down the movement of the confirmed, suspicious and potential attackers.
“The checking of thousands of militants’ names brought about the finding that in 2015, some of them used the Czech Republic as one of the transit countries en route to the Middle East and Western Europe,” BIS said.
After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the media said that some Jihadists had travelled to France across Prague.