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Man vandalizes 20 cars on Bělčická street to get back at “rich people”

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A man was arrested by police on Bělčická Street for vandalizing 20 cars reportedly because he had a grudge against ‘rich people.’

The 32-year old man faces up to 2 years in prison for kicking off the rearview mirrors of the parked cars, causing an estimated 250,000 CZK in damages, as well as being in possession of narcotics. 

Police spokeswoman Hana Křížová said the suspect, who was allegedly in possession of methamphetamines, blamed much of his life problems on rich people and subsequently decided to destroy cars in revenge. 

“He also told the police that he was being harassed by the rich and that he had lost his job supposedly because of rich people. For these reasons, he deliberately chose to damage expensive cars and he says he definitely does not regret this act,” she said. 

It’s not clear how ‘rich people’ specifically harassed the suspect or caused him to lose his job, but the vandalism comes shortly after the Czech Labour Office announced that unemployment in the country was the highest it’s been since 2017. Despite the increase caused by COVID-19 restrictions, unemployment in the Czech Republic is still the lowest in all of Europe. 

Despite the vandalism, the Czech Republic’s crime rate currently has the 23rd spot out of the 27 EU countries, and has a noticeably “safe” atmosphere. As far as crime, the number one problem according to most sources is “corruption.”

Illustrative image by George Vogiatzis via Unsplash.

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