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20% of workers say their employers aren’t following COVID-19 restrictions

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One-fifth of Czech workers say that their employers or supervisors aren’t actually following the anti-pandemic measures that the government implemented in the workplace, Novinky reports.

According to a survey called Život během pandemie, or “Life During The Pandemic,” the Czech workforce has mixed reviews of the new restrictions, with about two-fifths saying that their employer was being responsible and sticking to the rules as laid out by the government.

One in every seven employees reported that their boss or supervisor specifically requested that they break a rule in order to get something done, for example not taking tests or not reporting who they came in contact with. 

Some workers also reported their employers asking them to come to work even though they had come in contact with infected people or had mild symptoms. One in seven workers said that they haven’t been able to work from home even if their job allows for it. 

According to the study, 56% of respondents go to work when they have a fever or a loss of their smell, the two classic symptoms of coronavirus. 80% still go to work even after being in contact with an infected person, and not getting a test.

However, as soon as someone tests positive for COVID-19, then virtually everyone ends up staying home. For the authors of the study, this fact underlines the need for timely, repeated testing. 

Život během pandemie’s research claims that people are more supportive of COVID-19 restrictions than they were in February, at least for certain things. According to the researchers, the majority of people support mandatory testing for companies, some restrictions on the opening of shops, cultural events, and the temporary closing of restaurants. But just like in the past, the majority of people still oppose the full-on closing of schools and shops.

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