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Czech News in English » News » Zeman: USA to blame for its Syrian fiasco

Zeman: USA to blame for its Syrian fiasco

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Prague, Oct 7 (CTK) – The USA itself is to blame if its efforts in Syria end as a fiasco because no legal Syrian representatives invited it there, Czech President Milos Zeman said in an interview with the Parlamentni listy server Saturday.
There is no moderate opposition in the country, only Islamist groups, Zeman said.
Asked what he thinks about the interruption of contacts between the USA and Russia in Syria, Zeman replied that Russia and the USA respected the fact that a ceasefire could only be concluded with moderate opposition.
“Unlike the U.S. side which believes that there is some moderate opposition, I think there are only Islamist groups,” Zeman said.
“Besides, you should not forget that it was the legal Syrian government which invited Russians to Syria, while no legal representatives of Syria have invited the Americans,” Zeman said.
If the U.S. mission “ends in a fiasco, it will be the Americans’ own guilt,” he added.
When asked whether Russia was guilty of war crimes in Syria, Zeman said he “naturally deeply regretted all civilian victims.”
“I consider all those who attack civilians terrorists, which I also said in my recent speech in the United Nations,” Zeman said.
He said war crimes were primarily committed by Islamist radical groups.

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