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Media link Czech MEP´s Swiss bank case with fraudster Huněk

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Prague, Dec 9 (CTK) – Selected data on the case of Czech European Parliament member Miloslav Ransdorf (Communists, KSCM), 62, arrested in a Swiss bank over documents that were allegedly false, and Vladimir Hunek whom Czech media mentioned in relation to the case:

– On December 3, the Swiss police arrested Ransdorf and three Slovak men in a Zurich bank over a suspected financial fraud. The Swiss judiciary considers the four men accused and attorneys prosecute them over property delicts.

– Slovak Interior Minister Robert Kalinak said the Swiss police arrested the four men over the suspicion that they tried to transfer a high financial sum based on dubious documents. According to Slovak media, the men wanted to transfer 350 million euros.

– On December 6, Ransdorf said he wanted to establish communication between a bank in Zurich and its significant client from whom he had full power of attorney. The bank has not communicated with the account owner, whose initials are VH, for ten years, he said.

– Ransdorf said the employees of the Swiss bank did not talk to him and they called the police because he allegedly submitted false documents. He denied having forged the documents.

– Czech President Milos Zeman said Ransdorf might have been tricked. Zeman recalled that Ransdorf had been involved in a case of forged paintings. Ransdorf dismissed the idea that he swallowed somebody´s bait.

– Ransdorf told the Parlamentni listy online daily that he did not want to collect any money at the Swiss bank, but only wanted to gain information on the inheritance from a Swiss citizen who died in 2005. The heir of the lady was a Czech citizen, he said. The case might be a provocation, he added.

– Ransdorf dismissed media speculations that the money was an inheritance from a Nazi official or a property of Jews who deposited it in the bank during the war.

– Communist chairman Vojtech Filip said Ransdorf submitted documents refuting that he committed any crime to the party leadership on December 8.

– Ransdorf was a member of the lower house of Czech parliament in 1996-2004. He has been a MEP since 2004.

– In the past, Ransdorf attracted media attention because of his huge debts and road accidents. Ransdorf even faced an execution when he was unable to pay a loan he took to build a villa. Ransdorf said he paid the whole debt in 2013.

– Ransdorf faced prosecution after he knocked down a woman with his car in Prague in 2007, but he paid financial compensation to the woman. In 2011, he caused a similar accident again, in which he injured a girl. The police finally concluded that he committed merely a traffic offence.

– According to Czech Television (CT), the Zurich case is reminiscent of an older case, in which Vladimir Hunek, a previously convicted fraudster, promised money to people if they helped him gain the inheritance a relative left for him in Switzerland.

– The initials VH and the year of the death of the alleged rich Czech woman who emigrated to Switzerland connect the case with Hunek. Ransdorf declined to confirm to CT whether he acted on behalf of Hunek.

– One of the Slovak suspects told Slovak media that VH is a Czech heir to a significant Swiss entrepreneur. The suspect´s mother said the entrepreneur owned a chocolate plant in Brasil.

– On December 8, the news server wrote that Hunek was detained in 2005 over suspected fraud. The server wrote that Hunek tried to employ Czechs as bodyguards in Iraq, claiming that he cooperated with the Iraqi Embassy.


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