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ČR, Bavaria may cooperate in research, digitisation

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Prague, Nov 9 (CTK) – Czech Deputy Prime Minister for Science, Research and Innovations Pavel Belobradek and Bavarian Education, Science and Arts Minister Ludwig Spaenle debated yesterday a close cooperation in research and measures in support of digital strategy for next year.
Bavarian firms may use 20 new research centres focused on the digital sphere in the Czech Republic, Belobradek (junior government Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) said.
Both ministers also talked about intensifying contacts between Czech and Bavarian universities and the planned exhibition on the occasion of the 700th birth anniversary of Charles IV (1316-1378), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor.
Particular steps to strengthen cooperation between science and business are at stake as well as the introduction of high-speed Internet, Spaenle told CTK.
He arrived in the Czech Republic as a representative of the Bavarian Christian-Social Union (CSU) as well. Cooperation with the Czech Christian Democrats is rich and fruitful, he said.
Spaenle and Belobradek also discussed the current migrant crisis.
Spaenle, along with Culture Minister Daniel Herman, will attend a concert in St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, the presidential seat, tonight, which is the official reason for his visit to Prague.
Bavaria has invested two billion euros in research and high-speed Internet.
Belobradek said he would like to closely cooperate mainly with the Bavarian Digitisation Centre in Garching, established in July.
A Czech-Bavarian seminar on industry digitisation for clerks, businesspeople and academics is to be held next year. University lectures and rectors from both countries are also to meet.
Bavaria would like to jointly celebrate the anniversary of Charles IV.
“We will have a joint Bavarian-Czech land exhibition in Prague and Nuremberg… Even [EC President] Jean-Claude Juncker is deeply interested in the project. I have talked with him about it and he would like to participate in it,” said Sudeten German Landsmannschaft (SdL) representative Bernd Posselt (CSU).
He attended yesterday´s meeting as he is in charge of contacts with Central and Eastern Europe in the CSU leadership.
Belobradek said in the case of the migrant crisis, he and Spaenle agreed that it must be solved between neighbouring countries, too, and not only on the European level.
They also talked about how the Czech Republic could help Bavaria with refugees and how to get the migrant wave in control, Belobradek added.

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