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Assisted reproduction tourism to Czech Republic flourishing

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Prague, Dec 11 (CTK) – The number of women from abroad coming for assisted reproduction to the Czech Republic has been steadily rising in the past years, according to the data from the National Register of Assisted Reproduction released recently.
These are mainly women from EU countries, but there are also many from outside the EU.
They spend hundreds of million crowns at Czech clinics annually.
They are mainly coming here over egg donation. Critics say assisted reproduction has become a profitable business in the Czech Republic.
It is conducted, among others, by the Hartenberg fund which administers the money of Finance Minister Andrej Babis, leader of ANO, a member of the coalition government.
NRAR said that in 2010, 1,795 cycles of artificial fertilisation were performed by foreign women. The figure rose by 69 percent to 3030 in four years.
The number of received eggs surged from 2,371 in 2010 to 4,874 in 2014.
The number of embryo transfers tripled from 1,258 to 3,854.
“The number of foreigners has been rising. While Czech women are almost invariably the donors (99 percent), foreign women are in an absolute majority of cycles the recipients,” NRAR says in the publication Assisted Reproduction in the Czech Republic in 2014.
In general, the biggest interest in Czech health facilities is expressed by people from Britain, Germany and Russia.
The payers from EU countries spend tens of thousands of crowns for the treatment associated with assisted reproduction. If the women are from outside the EU, the price can be even higher.
In the state-run, Prague-based Mother and Child Care Institute, a payer from the Czech Republic and the EU gives 26,000 crowns per cycle, while the price stands at 40,000 crowns for those from outside the EU.
The recipient of a donated egg and donated sperm pays 82,500 and 115,000 crowns, respectively.
Sperm donors are paid 1000 crowns and egg donors 20,000 crowns, the NRAR day say.
In the Czech Republic, there are 40 registered assisted reproduction centers, while in 2007 there were only 26 of them.
($1 = 25.588 crowns)

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