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Havlíček : all stores might open from next Monday

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The government plans to open all of the stores from next Monday, February 22. According to Karel Havlíček, the Minister of Industry and Trade, the proposal will be discussed this Wednesday.

The store workers will be required to wear FFP2 respirators. However, for customers, it will be enough to wear a regular mask. The basic requirements, such as disinfecting hands and distancing, will stay valid in every store. 

Experts already agree with this decision which can save the industry and the economy.

“It’s a big psychological turning point. After a long time, people will see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re playing it slowly, and if we can do it, it’s a big signal that we can continue. I am convinced that we will be able to do it together,” Havlíček said on his Twitter.

As for the cultural and sports spheres, Havlíček added that further solutions will be based on the development of the situation. 

The president of the Confederation of Trade and Tourism of the Czech Republic, Tomáš Prouza, already warned the government about the serious consequences of closed stores. He explained that brands can’t make the summer collections if the winter ones aren’t sold. Besides, online shopping doesn’t solve the problem either.

“I hope the store will open sooner. The opening of the shops was one of the governors’ demands to satisfy the request for enforcing the state of emergency. As well as setting fair compensation programs,” Prouza added. 

The stores have been closed since October 22 with a small break in December. Currently, only grocery stores, pharmacies, optic stores, and pet stores are open. The customers are allowed to buy only basic supplies which do not include underwear or clothing.

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