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Czech News in English » News » Babiš: Czechs cannot accept any migrants now

Babiš: Czechs cannot accept any migrants now

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Prague, Jan 16 (CTK) – The situation related to the migrant crisis has changed so much that the Czech Republic cannot accept any migrants from the Middle East now, Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) told Saturday’s issue of daily Pravo.
“The duty of the politicians is first of all to guarantee the security of our citizens and only then consider possible solidarity with refugees,” Babis said.
He said the Czech Republic has more than enough of its own problems, such as the OKD mining firm with mines to be closed, people living close to poverty or single mothers.
Babis said the influx of refugees has to stop in Turkey, beyond the European borders.
He said he believes that the Schengen border would have to be closed.
The Schengen border must function same as the borders between Slovakia and Ukraine or Hungary and Serbia, he added.
“We must also resolutely fight people smugglers. The police in Izmir cannot watch people making money on inflatable boats, when Turkey is going to get three billion euros from the EU,” Babis told the paper.
If some countries still wanted to accept refugees, which Babis doubted, he said they should take them over in Turkey and move them by plane.
Europe should send a message that it is full and that further people should not be arriving, he said.
Babis said the Czech Republic would welcome foreigners, but those that Czech firms needed and whom they chose. Czech firms are waiting for work permits for labourers from Vietnam, Mongolia and Ukraine, he added.
Germany should not impose its decision to welcome migrants on other countries, Babis said.
He said West European politicians argue that refugees had their rights. But why should for example the Britons accept that the welfare created by generations of their forefathers should feed people who have no relation to their country and culture, he said.
He said the migrants posed a security risk and their wish was not to assimilate, but a breakup of the European culture.
It is unacceptable for the local people to adapt themselves to the refugees. Such nonsensical political correctness must end, real problems must not be overlooked because of it, Babis said.
“Not only in Germany, there is clearly a marked difference between the publicised opinion of the media and political elites and the public opinion. We will know the opinion of the majority society only in the next elections,” he told Pravo.
Babis said the next general election in the Czech Republic would be of key importance for his ANO movement.
“It will turn out whether our movement succeeds against the system of traditional political parties or whether they all join forces against us. I certainly have the ambition to win this election,” Babis said.

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