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Czech doctors returning from Iraq mission

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Prague, June 17 (CTK) – A Czech surgical team will return from Iraq after a six-month mission to the Czech Republic this evening, General Staff spokesman Jan Sulc has told journalists.

Working to the northwest of Mosul, Czech doctors operated on the soldiers injured in the fighting against Islamic State (IS), Sulc said.

During their stay, the Czech doctors helped some 50 patients. In early June, their mission was passed to the doctors from Norway.

According to the Czech military web page, the Czech field surgery team operated on the western prong of the Inherent Resolve operation within which Iraqi armed forces, backed by the allies troops, fight for the liberation of the area occupied by the Daesh.

Czech doctors worked within the framework of a U.S. field hospital.

“During its mission, the team conducted 49 surgical interventions in total and regional anaesthesia. It made 44 acute and 5 planned surgeries,” the military said.

The team treated 53 patients and it was also involved in the Mascal (mass casualty) operations.

It treated not only Iraqi and allied soldiers, but also Iraqi children.

“Throughout its mission, the activity and professionalism of the Czech surgical team were highly appreciated both by the Iraqi side and the coalition partners,” Sulc said.

The Czech military sent its 17-member team to Iraq in early December.

In the hospital, it collaborated with their U.S. and Danish colleagues within four joint international teams.

The military has declined to disclose the exact position of the team base for security reasons. However, it was close to the theatre of war.


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