Olomouc, North Moravia, July 20 (CTK) – Ten Czech cyclists set out yesterday on a 1500-kilometre long journey to the Vatican at the end of which they are to have an audience with Pope Francis on August 10 and with which they want to alert to the difficult situation of the parents of children with a disability.
The audience has been arranged by the parents of a five-year-old girl Lucie, who was born in Olomouc in October 2010 with a damaged brain, for which her parents sue the hospital.
The parents cooperated with the Czech embassy in the Vatican in arranging the audience.
The participants in the pilgrimage were blessed by Olomouc Archbishop Jan Graubner, who said the Pope receives similar groups from time to time.
“But the (reception of the cyclists) is exceptional and I am very glad that the Pope reacted to the letter from Olomouc and that the group can set out on the pilgrimage yesterday,” Graubner said.
The participants want to draw attention to the health, social and financial problems families caring for a child with a serious handicap must cope with.