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Hoax state Liberland introduces three Czech ministers

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Prague, Dec 18 (CTK) – Czech Vit Jedlicka, the self-proclaimed president of the “Liberland state” at the border between Croatia and Serbia, introduced the first members of his government, the foreign, interior and finance ministers from the Czech Republic, Friday.
The team also includes the justice minister from Britain and two vice-presidents from the USA and France he wants to introduce later.
Jedlicka said it would be the main task of the government to develop diplomatic relations of the self-proclaimed “mini-state.”
Jedlicka declared the “Free Republic of Liberland” on the area of seven square kilometres called Siga, a locality in the Danube meander to the west of the Serbian town Sombor, on April 13. Jedlicka asserts that neither Croatia nor Serbia show interest in it.
However, both Croatia and Serbia deny it and they claim this area. The problem is that the Danube River makes part of the border, and it changes its course in this area. Croatia views the towns and villages’ historical areas as its border in the locality. Serbia, for its part, considers the Danube the border.
Jedlicka said permanent settlement in the state was practicable in the course of 2017.
Some 40,000 people are considering moving to Liberland, he added.
“All of them are enthusiasts who help me in their spare time,” Jedlicka said.
Jedlicka selected Jan Purkrabek for the post of finance minister. It will be his main task to maintain the fundamental idea on which Liberland is based not to collect any mandatory taxes, Jedlicka said.
The post of interior minister was given to Ondrej Prihonsky who wants to reach an agreement with Croatia under which the local police would not prevent the settlement of the island.
“Foreign Minister” Monika Chlumska said she wanted to set up the state’s offices abroad and to form a team of people to represent it.

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