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Foreign missions cost Czech military CZK 1.4bn in 2014

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Prague, June 22 (CTK) – Foreign missions of the Czech military cost 1.42 billion crowns in 2014, or about 170 million crowns more than in 2013, according to a report for the Chamber of Deputies.
Originally, the military was to spend 1.2 billion crowns on foreign missions. The budget was later increased to 1.53 billion, but the whole sum was not spent.
The mission in Afghanistan has long been the most expensive, costing about 816 million crowns last year. In 2013, the Afghan mission cost 1.1 billion crowns.
The protection of the Czech embassy in Kabul cost over 27 million in 2014.
The mission in Mali, which started in April 2013, cost 90 million crowns last year.
The mission in the Sinai peninsula cost about 45 million and the protection of Iceland’s air space in 2014 cost 23 million crowns.
The costs of the preparation of soldiers and equipment for foreign missions markedly increased last year, from 37 million in 2013 to 380 million in 2014.

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