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1-year old human skeleton found in Bečva

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Human remains estimated to be about 1 year old have been discovered by workers near Bečva River in the Přerov region. The police are currently trying to tie the body to people on missing persons lists. An autopsy is also underway to determine the cause of death of the person.

Miluše Zajícová, a spokeswoman for the Přerov police, said that “the police are trying to confirm the identity of this deceased individual. We assume that it’s one of the missing people.”

“The discovery was reported immediately, and according to forensics experts, the body has been there for about a year. So far the person hasn’t yet been identified but we are working under the assumption that it’s someone on the register of missing persons.”

The body was found off the side of the river where workers are currently cleaning up a patch of overgrown trees and shrubs.

“Furthermore, a forensic autopsy was ordered at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Olomouc to determine the cause of death and to exclude foul play. We are still working on the case.”

Last week in Písek, a woman found eleven human skulls all in one spot in the woods. The skulls were of all different ages, and forensic experts are currently trying to figure out where they came from. 

Featured image by palickap via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0

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