Prague, Sept 26 (CTK) – The Czech government is to decide on the Interior Ministry’s proposal to send ten million crowns to Jordan to help tackle its problem with refugees, daily Pravo writes yesterday.
Since Jordan is facing an influx of refugees from Syria, it asked European countries for urgent financial help in the past days, Pravo writes.
A month ago, the Czech government approved an aid of 40 million crowns to the government in Amman, specifically for the refugee camp Azraq, where another 456 new housing units are to be built and 3,544 repaired, Pravo writes.
However, the money reached the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), it adds.
Last year, the Czech sent 45 million crowns to develop the refugee camp Zaatari and the money also reached the UNHCR, Pravo writes.
The Jordan government has warned in its diplomatic note to Brussels that most of the aid sent to the benefit of Jordan goes to international organisations, it adds.
However, the Jordan government is facing a shortage of means to help the Syrian refugees, Pravo writes.
The Interior Ministry is now ready to set aside another ten million crowns from its budget for the assistance to refugees in the countries of their origin. The government’s consent is all but a foregone conclusion, it adds.
The Czech government prefers a targeted aid to the countries threatened by migration and war conflicts. It is of the view that financial gifts are the right way, Pravo writes.
This year, the government has set aside a total of 150 million crowns for aid in connection with the refugee crisis, while Jordan is one of the priority countries as a vital ally in the struggle against Islamic State, it adds.
The Defence Ministry has also contributed to the help to Jordan this year, Pravo writes.
The Czech military sent almost eight million pieces of assault rifle ammunition worth 14 million crowns to Jordan this year, it adds.
The gift was destined for the local armed and security forces, Pravo writes.
($1 = 24.096 crowns)