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Czechs may be sued over mistreating refugees

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Prague, Sept 27 (CTK) – The Czech Republic may be sued at the Court of Justice of the European Union for placing refugees’ children in detention facilities, Eliska Wagnerova, a senator and former Constitutional Court judge, told the public broadcaster Czech Television (CT) Sunday.
Interior Minister Milan Chovanec (Social Democrats, CSSD) took issue with her and argued that the Czech Republic fully observed the European law.
Wagnerova (Greens) said she had been appalled by the conditions in which refugees had to stay in the state-run facilities in the Czech Republic.
“I think the Czech Republic can easily face the charges of cruel, inhuman treatment that may be seen in the relationship to the children who should not be in the detention facilities at all,” Wagnerova said.
Chovanec said he believed the Czech Republic was observing all European norms.
“For us, it is much worse to separate a mother from a child, although it may be a teenager. It is better for them to be together in the facility,” Chovanec said.
He dismissed Wagnerova’s remarks that the state should not want the detained refugees to pay it a financial contribution if they could allow it.
Chovanec said it was legitimate to demand it if they violated the Czech law.
Chovanec said since the Czech Republic toughened its security measures in June, out of the about 3000 caught refugees over one half had returned to Austria and a small part to Slovakia.
If the current diminishing trend of detention continues, the existing capacities may be sufficient for the Czech Republic, he added.
However, the situation could abruptly change if Germany closed its border, Chovanec said.
Turning to Germany, to which some 800,00 migrants are expected to come, Chovanec said another 1.5 million people could reach Germany within family reunion.
If the conflict in Ukraine escalates, up to 50,000 Ukrainians might come to the Czech Republic, he added.
Both Chovanec and Wagnerova said they were in favour of the creation of hotspots in Greece and Italy.
Chovanec said he was for the increase in European help to Turkey where a tremendous number of refugees from Syria is now located.

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