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Czech population exceeded 10.7 million: Immigration is the reason

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The population of the Czech Republic increased by 13 900 citizens to 10.71 million in the last nine months. The increase in inhabitants happened mostly because of immigrants according to the research published by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO).

The capital and six other regions experienced an increase in inhabitants. Central Bohemia improved demographically with 10 800 new inhabitants. Meanwhile, Prague saw an increase of 7200. The biggest decrease happened in Moravian-Silesian Region which lost 5100 inhabitants.

85 000 people died during the last nine months. It’s 1000 more than the last years’ result for the same period.

“Despite the fact that COVID-19 is the main reason for increased mortality in the Czech Republic, the October data also show an increase in mortality for reasons other than COVID-19,” explained Minister of Health Jan Blatný at the end of November.

As for the birth rate, it dropped by 2 600 to 83 300 inhabitants.

The increase in population happened mostly because of immigrants. Without it, the population would have decreased by 1700. The arrival of immigrants gave the Czech Republic 15 600 new inhabitants. Most of the immigrants move from Ukraine, Slovakia, and Russia. The number of British, Polish, and German immigrants decreased.

The number of marriages decreased significantly this year with 38 100 in total. Last year’s result was 9 600 more. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions affected the results. There is also a decline in divorce rates with a decrease by 2200 to 15 700, mostly because courts were less active during the lockdown.

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